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Visitors and Volunteers at KCRE


Apart from KCRE and its collaborators conducting camps and workshops, KCRE is open to visitors from across the world. Nature enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and the United States have visited KCRE and experienced the rainforests. KCRE is clearly not intended as a tourist spot or a resort with luxury amenities. It is, therefore, selective in taking its visitors. The camp site is meant for visitors whose focus is on exploring the rainforests. Facilities are basic. While visitors are welcome any time of the year, we mostly take them in batches of more than five at a time, which might mean visitors may be grouped together to meet that requirement for the duration of their visit.

Volunteering at KCRE

KCRE has a volunteering program open for both students and working professionals. Upon registering with the program, Volunteers may assist the organizers during workshops and camps, which are held mainly during weekends. At KCRE, they form part of a network of nature workers who have the opportunity to learn, and further their interest in rainforest ecology. KCRE will do all it can to encourage and help such individuals in their aspirations. Our long term aim is to build a brigade of nature and environment-conscious individuals who convert ‘attitudes’ to ‘green attitudes’ – one person at a time.

To plan a visit or  to volunteer please write to us at or fill in the below form – Give an option to fill in the contact us form

KCRE Close Circle Membership

KCRE offers membership opportunities. For more details please contact us.

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