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Scientific Training On Reptile Management

Certification Workshop on Snake Rescue - 15th Edition

This 22 hour course will teach you all the required skills needed to positively identify, safely rescue a snake and correctly relocate it in the best environment for both the snake and people. Become a respected snake rescuer in the country.

India's most respected snake rescue certification workshop

Who is it for?

  • Amatuer & Semi Pro Snake rescuers
  • Nature Enthusiasts
  • Animal Rescuers
  • Agriculturalists
  • Animal Control
  • Photographers
  • Anyone who has more than average interest in wildlife and herpetology 

Who want to horne their skills and go pro in snake rescue and relocation.

Learn form the masters

Gowri Shankar

Herpetologist-Founder STORM

Gowri Shankar has been involved with reptiles for more than 2o years. Founder of KCRE and Kalinga Foundation. He is an authority on the ecology of king cobras and has been featured in several wildlife documentaries like the King and I, Secrets of the King Cobra, Asia’s Deadliest Snake, and Wildest India by BBC, National Geographic Channel, NatGeoWild and Discovery Channel respectively.

Snake Shyam

Senior Snake Rescuer

M. S. Balasubramania popularly known as Snake Shyam, is a snake enthusiast, wildlife conservationist and lecturer in Mysore, India. Shyam has been widely recognized for his work. National Geographic featured him in its Croc Chronicles: Snakes, Karma, Action special. He has also been featured on the Discovery channel

Professional topics

Discussion: Introduction to reptiles,  snake taxonomy
Identification of snakes, scale counting.

Rescue techniques using professional equipment
Snake rescue practical session
How not to rescue snakes
Night Walk herping in the farm.

Learn practically

Snake walk in the wild
First aid for snake bites. Maintaining a stud book
Legal issues and remedies
Environmental education
Awareness during rescues
Identifying relocation sites and snake release.
Live rescues


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