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Attitude matters most, make it green!

The Hindu

Herpetologist P. Gowri Shankar talks to AKILA KANNADASAN 

Meet the snake expert


Lonely Planet

Snake man  from AGumbe

A soft haze of clouds, ridiculously green surroundings and a cold, damp, almost ominous weather surrounds you as you approach Agumbe in Karnataka…

Deccan Herald

Wildlife biologist shares snake secrets on show
KCRE (1)

The Better India

Rescuing About 300 King Cobras, This Organisation Is Helping Save Agumbe’s Royal Legacy…

The Heyvan Times


Villa residents say bye to fear of snakes, courtesy Kalinga Center


KCRE (1)

Times of India

Kalinga Centre to conduct snake rescue programme for snake rescuers to go professional an enable…

The place, the people, the paradigm

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