Snakes in our neighbourhood (SION)

‘A Snake Safety Programme’

(SION) is a holistic approach to help residential communities in urban and semi-urban areas to methodically manage human-animal conflict with snakes without chemical intervention. A pioneering initiative by Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology (KCRE). This program is a practical implementation of lessons learned from over two decades of experience in snake rescues and human-animal conflicts with snakes.

Through a three-pronged approach, we aim to offer immediate assistance, timely rescue interventions, and implementation of long-term conflict resolution plans. We will conduct regular follow-ups through maintenance checks, drills and close interactions with residential communities to help foster a responsible attitude towards our environment and urban wildlife. Guided and monitored by experts at all stages, this program is a collective effort of the scientific team backing it and the residential community.

PS: Please note we do not operate as pest controllers. We believe people can and need to learn to co-exist with urban wildlife. Our aim is to create awareness and show the way to appreciate life around them.

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Phone: 094808-77670

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