What We Do

“If humbled, one opens up; once open, curiosity seeps in; once curious, awareness takes over; then it is hard to not act for our environment!”

Each one of us at the Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology have gone through this soul-cycle and believe that if people are introduced and empowered in a right way to act for our environment they will become the change that we are in need of today. Interacting and working with the best talents from respective fields ensures sharing of knowledge which forms the core aspect of every educational workshop and camp at KCRE.

We don’t teach, we empower!

KCRE offers two categories of events – Workshops and Camps – and they are conducted throughout the year.

Monsoon is a big part of everything that happens at KCRE just as it is with the people of Agumbe. Our camps are categorized based on three seasons with reference to the Monsoons.

  • Pre-Monsoon: This season runs from January to May. Our focus is on King Cobras as it is breeding season. It’s a great time for bird photography, and there are greater opportunities for King Cobra sighting, mostly during rescues. Leeches are nowhere in sight and it being the Spring season, it is a good time for studying forest life as many animals breed and produce offspring well ahead of the monsoons.
  • Monsoon: June to September makes up the Monsoon season. Monsoon rains are relentless and with it, the forests abound with life. From reptiles, amphibians, fungi, and hosts of lesser known fauna appear during this time.
  • Post-Monsoon: This season runs from October to December. It is the best time for school and college programs as the monsoon clouds recede leaving the forests fresh and lush with an abundance of life.

Apart from conducting various Camps and Workshops at its Campsite in Agumbe, KCRE organizes herp tours to the North-East, Coorg and the Sundarbans.


Workshops comprise of activities that lead to further academic learning and are typically part of field research (such as surveys). They cover specific aspects of topics related to rainforest ecology (for example, rainforest fauna, flora, water, climate, etc.) and are designed for serious students of the subject. Currently, we offer herp workshops (covering, among others, identification methods, reptile habitats, first aid, survey and study methods, rescuing and relocation of snakes), and workshops on amphibians, birds, and insects are in the pipeline. Participants earn a Certificate of Participation at the end of each workshop. Most participants take this learning and apply it in their communities or workplaces. Currently, there are more than five participants of the STORM ( Scientific Training On Reptile Management ) series who actively rescue snakes in their respective areas.


Camps are meant for nature enthusiasts with all levels of rainforest experience, including novices, weekend travellers and photographers. Camps are mainly conducted to help people experience the rainforests in a responsible and ethical manner. The subject matter of Camps is not limited to specific topics, i.e. they are more general in nature, but through every Camp we attempt to help people discover and learn about their connection to nature.

Most importantly, our aim is to positively impact their attitude towards our environment. Though these Camps are not rigorous like our Workshops are, they are not casual either. There is a lot to learn from just being amidst these forests. Presentations, nature trails, and discussions make these Camps a worthwhile learning experience.

Plan your own camp

School camps are a big part of KCRE’s educational initiative. At any given point, college and school camps and events are accorded high priority as they are central to our mission to educate the younger generation about the riches of the rainforest ecology and the benefits of interacting correctly and ethically with this environment.

KCRE offers an option to schools, colleges, and corporate entities to plan their own camps. KCRE will plan an itinerary based on clients’ requirements and designate appropriate personnel resources to conduct the camp.

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