To become a self sustaining premier conservation centre that empowers right action through environmental education and state of the art scientific training in environmental field studies.


Our focus at the Kālinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology is to open doors of opportunity to people irrespective of professional or educational backgrounds to learn scientific tools of conservation through workshops and camps. KCRE serves as an entry point where one meets nature, experiences its beauty, understands the harmony, get educated, realise one’s stand and makes a conscious decision to act green!


Located at Guddekere , the five acre field site is nestled at the heart of the rainforests of Agumbe. Part of the biodiversity ‘hottest’ hot spot, the Western Ghats these forests host a wide variety of fauna and flora. With converging canopies, meandering streams and myriads of life forms the place is an explorer’s paradise. However, these forests are under various kinds of threats and among them is lack of knowledge and support for causes to protect and conserve them.  Major portion of funds generated by KCRE goes towards conserving the Western Ghats. The aim is to do as much as possible in all ways  possible to conserve what we have of these pristine forests of India.


Overview and History

Initially, KCRE was a label under which we conducted camps in Agumbe and at various places around Agumbe (such as Someshwara and Kuppali, among others). In 2013, KCRE established its camp site in Guddekere, about eight miles north of Agumbe, and conducted its first camp there in March.

In Jan 2012 we started the Scientific Training on Reptile Management (STORM) series of workshops to help amateur snake handlers and rescuers learn correct and ethical methods of snake handling. This workshop is helping aspiring snake rescuers, ecology students and reptile enthusiasts not only save snakes using safe methods but also respect snakes. This outlook has brought in a sea change among people’s views (onlookers, aspiring snake rescuers, students, forest officials etc) where now snakes are treated with respect rather than as a mere object to handle and get noticed. A change which we desperately aspired for, and seeing it happening is a reward in itself.

KCRE believes in collaboration as a way to reach people from diverse backgrounds. Organisations with expertise in the fields of Adventure, Wildlife, Experiential learning, Wildlife photography and Environmental Education work closely with us.

KCRE collaborates with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Woodyadventures, Naturemates, Nomads, Darter Photography, Amoghavarsha Photography,  Birdwing Travel and Photography, Chennai Trekking Club, Bangalore Mountaineering Club, Mumbai Travelers and more.

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