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About KCRE & The Team

KCRE with its field site at Agumbe, Karnataka provides infrastructure for stay and food for wildlife enthusiasts –amateurs, newbies, photographers, and nature lovers. KCRE also offers internship opportunities at its center for students and researchers from reputed institutions  Led by P Gowri Shankar, a wildlife biologist and herpetologist. KCRE has taken a big leap in creating awareness about snakes.


Programs by KCRE :

STORM(Scientific Training On Reptile Management)
KCRE has designed first of its kind workshops on snake rescue and relocation(STORM: Rescue and Relocation of snakes), encouraging more scientific studies on snakes (STORM: Research Methodologies), and a crafting a unique program to address human snake conflict(Venomous Reptile Management VRM Safe Campus).   Visit STORM Page

A specialized workshops for school kids between the ages 8 to 15 yrs. Typically planned for 4 days, the workshop educates kids on one topic per day e.g. birds, amphibians, reptiles, flora and more. Kumarans Children’s Home, Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Rishi Valley School, Poorna Learning Centre, Isha Home School, are few among the schools who work with us. Go To Page


This 10-day program will connect you with top research students studying wildlife and forests. 
Bats, birds, frogs, elephants, lizards, turtles, snakes, and more. Each day, you get to dive deep into one topic and learn things that Google may not be able to answer. 
Engaging presentations, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and discussions will be part of the one hour program.
After this program, you will be able to connect classroom theories to real-world conservation issues. Parents, this is your best chance to find out how research could be a promising career option for your child. Go To Page

This programs welcomes youngsters from colleges and these workshops serve as a stepping stone to the real world of research, conservation, and science. Students from St.Joseph’s College Bangalore, Mahaveer Jain College, Indian Institute of Science have attended these camps.

THE KING COBRA BIONOMICS AND CONSERVATION WORKSHOP is an annual workshop that focuses primarily on king cobras. The three-day workshop delves on topics like king cobra ecology, breeding biology, habitats, rescue methods and its role in conservation as a flagship species in the herpetofaunal world. Our team has trained rescuers from across India where king cobras are found. We also distributed rescue kits and are in the process of rolling out an Android app for data collection. A special team from Thailand trained under us on king cobra rescue methods.

A one-day herping event conducted in the outskirts of Bangalore for enthusiasts to appreciate
the reptile diversity closer to home. It is a great gathering of like-minded individuals and is led by our expert
team through activities, herping trails, and ample interaction.

RAINFOREST CONNECT is meant for nature enthusiasts including novices, weekend travelers, bloggers, family
explorers, and photographers looking for a wholesome rainforest experience. This workshop is conducted to help
explore and experience the rainforests in a responsible and ethical manner.

HERP THE WORLD, are national and international biodiversity and herping tours. We travel and camp at places
where tourists seldom tread. Meghalaya, Mizoram, Assam, Sundarbans, Andaman Islands and Thailand are few
places we regularly visit


P Gowri Shankar

Founder Director

Gowri Shankar is a wildlife biologist studying king cobras for close to two decades. He is a PhD candidate at North Orissa University, Odisha, India and a former exchange student at Uppsala University, Sweden. 

His interest lay in Evolutionary Biology and is studying the phylogeography of king cobras across southeast Asia. He has authored and co-authored 11 scientific papers on king cobras. He also has more than 10 scientific papers on other herpetological topics and book reviews to his credit. 

 As a field biologist, he has been studying the natural history of king cobras for over a decade at Agumbe. As part of his study, he has rescued and relocated over 350 king cobras from distress situations and monitored over 50 king cobra nests. He was instrumental in initiating the pioneering radio telemetry study on king cobras and was able to discover the secret life of king cobras. 

He has been featured in several wildlife documentaries like the

  • King Cobra and I
  • Secrets of the King Cobra
  • One million snake bites
  • Asia’s deadliest snakes
  • Wildest India
  • Wild India
  • Mysteries of Wild India and
  • Cobra King

by channels like the BBC, Discovery, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, Smithsonian and the National Geographic Channel and also served as a consultant to these channels.

In 2015 he was awarded the Herpetologist of the Year by the Swedish Herpetological Society. He is a TEDx speaker as well as TEDFellow 2020.

He believes education is the cornerstone of conservation and has initiated specialized workshops and camps to educate people. 

Sharmila Rajasegaran

Co-Founder, Asst.Director

Sharmila, an avid wildlife enthusiast, gave up her raging career in Microsoft to follow her passion in environment and conservation. Our inspiration, an epitome of passion and sacrifice. She manages the administrative and financial aspects of KCRE. Keep us in check and a driving force behind KCRE. 


Prashant P

Operations Manager & Researcher

The knowledge bank on anything Agumbe, passionate about cecilians and snakes he is an inseparable part of KCRE personally and professionally. A very kind and warm person, makes everyone feel at home at the centre. Very resourceful, a great friend to who know him.


Program Manager

Priyanka Swamy is a committed and passionate researcher who enjoys the outdoors as much as working in the lab.

At the lab, she has been using molecular tools such as DNA sequence data to investigate processes that generate and maintain biological diversity. She is curious to answer fundamental questions related to population divergence, adaptation and patterns of phylogenetic genetic relationships, biogeography and conservation. Apart from being a lab rat, she is always excited to work on the field and enjoys exploring new places.

She is actively involved in the study to examine phylogeography and contemporary population genetic structure of the king cobra within India and reconstruct the biogeographic history of O. hannah in Southeast Asia.

She also works on other taxa (frogs, lizards and snakes) to understand their systematics and phylogeny.

She is adept at conducting educational sessions on reptiles along with Gowri Shankar -both nationally and internationally.

madhu sudhan

Madhusudhan Shukla

Advisor, Biodiversity Educator

Both people, environment, business and technology are dynamic.

Keeping pace with successive generations and ever-changing environment is a challenge. Seeking information from field researchers, naturalists, legal experts and research papers provides me with deep insights into our natural world.

As a Biodiversity educator, I convert these valuable inputs into actionable educative content to create awareness, 
sensitivity and a positive attitude towards the environment among people.


Showkath Jamal


Founder of Bay of Life Foundation, Chennai. A protégé  and a good friend of Gowri and Sharmila. Specialises in ocean and marine sciences, Co host of STORM Chennai and more. 



Having worked with National Geographic and BBC, his work has been exhibited and appreciated across the world and won international awards. His work on climate change has not only been showcased in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (Paris) by Indian Prime Minister and French President but also at the UN general assembly (New York) amidst World leaders.



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Felis Creations is a visual arts company based in Bangalore, India. It comprises a small team of talented individuals, who work on a variety of projects ranging from natural history documentaries to art and still photography.

Felis offers a complete documentary production service with the ability to acquire permits, research & recce, shoot & direct and deliver a completed programme. It also houses a growing collection of stock footage in high-definition, time-lapse photography and still imagery from all over the Indian subcontinent.





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Shankar Subramaniam


Prasad Shivarudrappa


Vanita Pai








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